Kingsbury student accepted to Princeton Summer Journalism Program

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Kingsbury student accepted to Princeton Summer Journalism Program

Sha'Zariea Rogers, Staff Writer

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Kingsbury High School junior Ortavia Easly is among 40 students across the country who have been accepted to the 2019 Princeton Summer Journalism Program.

The program, held at Princeton University, will give Easly the opportunity to attend workshops and lectures with specialized training in journalism. Workshops will be taught from professional journalists as well as program alumni. The program is highly competitive, and Easley said she was nervous about applying. However, she went for it.

Easly has written content that has been published in the Flying Falcon as well as several professional media organizations, and she hopes to continue journalism in the future.

“I really like journalism, and Ms. Paine thought it would be a good opportunity, so I took it,” Easly said.

Upon finding out she’d been accepted, Easly said she “punched the air and squealed.” She said she was in the car, and didn’t want to cause a wreck by screaming, but she immediately took a screenshot and sent it to her friends.

Easly is hoping to pursue a degree in journalism and eventually become a freelance journalist who also works as a museum curator.

“This program will help me in attaining my future goals,” she said.

In addition to receiving journalism training, Easly will also receive a mentor who will help her throughout her senior year in applying for colleges.

The program won’t be all work. She will also have the opportunity to tour national publication newsrooms like The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg News and more.

“I’m excited for the opportunity,” Easly said. “I’m excited to see New York and New Jersey.” Easly said they will also be able to go out to dinner, go kart riding and some other activities during the program.

Ms. Malorie Paine, journalism teacher, said she’s so proud of Easly.

“This is such an incredible opportunity for Ortavia and other students as well,” Paine said. “This just goes to show all the great things happening at Kingsbury. Our students are so talented. I hope other students will pursue opportunities like these as well.”

Easly said she would tell students to “just go for it” when considering whether or not to apply for other opportunities.

“I complained the whole time thinking I wouldn’t get in,” Easly said. “I cried, but I did it. Even though I didn’t think I’d make it to the 3rd round, I did.”

The 10-day program will be held in early August before school starts back for the 2019-2020 school year.