NAF Academy prepares students for careers, college

Phillip Ferguson, Contributing Writer

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Kingsbury High School is piloting a new program in Shelby County Schools district intended to prepare students in health science and information technology.

NAF is a national program where students gain internships, industry training and certification to help advance their careers and post-secondary opportunities.

NAF students have two different path options: Health Science or Information Technology. There are currently 25 students in the Health Science program and 17 in the Information Technology program, Program Counselor Helen Holliman said.

Students work in cohorts within their choices throughout their high school careers. Students must apply and be accepted to the program.

Dr. Anne Webb, NAF Academy Advisor, said there are local and national companies who work with students to provide internships and jobs following graduation.

“Regionally, we have representation from MLGW,” Webb said. “We also have representation from Kellogg; we have representation from Baptist Hospital as well as St. Jude.” 

The NAF program works with more than a dozen regional partners in addition to the ones Webb mentioned.

NAF IT student Damien Fason, says he enjoys the students and teachers in the program. 

“I have learned how the basic functions of a computer work,” Fason said. 

The curriculums are vetted by industry professionals and designed to keep pace with industry standards, according to a NAF program brochure.

Those wanting to know more about the NAF program can visit To apply for Kingsbury’s program, visit Kingsbury High School’s website and download the application.