The Shadows of Kingsbury: Band takes Kingsbury by ‘Storm’

Karissa Smith, Staff Writer

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Editor’s note: The Shadows of Kingsbury series has been created to shed light on several underrepresented organizations available to Kingsbury High School students. This article is one of several to be published in the series.

Angie Vega
Members of the band perform during the kick-off pep rally on Aug. 31.


The Musical Storm, Kingsbury High School’s performance band, has begun capturing the attention of students lately.

Mr. Clay, the band director, says he has high hopes for the future of the band and is excited to see the program grow to its full potential.

“My goal, which has had much progress, is to turn around the band, Clay said. “It is to turn it into a powerhouse band, and get the students to a National Competition status.”

The band was awarded a superior rating at their most recent competition earlier this month.

Clay said one major area of change in his 8 years at Kingsbury has been school pride from the students.

”Spirit, to me, was lacking a lot,” he said. “students are more prideful of wearing [school gear] now.”

Students involved in the program say band is more than just another organization.

Steven Akins, Musical Storm member, says band is a family.

I view Musical Storm members as my brothers and sisters,” Akins said. “When you enter the band room  anything that could’ve been going on through the school day just disappears. The hype is serious.”

Thadius, a drum line section leader says Musical Storm, and especially Coach Clay are inspiring.

“The way he pursues the music he teaches inspires us to do more,” he said. “If you’re in band, you most likely have a natural feel for music. It’s more about who is directing you.”

The Musical Storm regularly entertains audiences where they perform.

“As a director, they’re not at the level I want us to be yet,” Clay said. “From performance stand point, we always get the job done. We will definitely be able to entertain.”

Clay says he is excited to continue watching the program grow and gain more student interest. He says he would love to see more financial support for Musical Storm to improve their practice area. Clay believes this would also help grown student interest.




Angie Vega
Members of the band perform for students and faculty during the pep rally.