KHS honors high achieving students

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KHS honors high achieving students

Sha’Zariea Rogers, Staff Writer

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Kingsbury High School acknowledged students with a high GPA, perfect attendance, and citizenship in the auditorium on Oct. 25.

Nautica Smith, a sophomore with a 3.6 GPA, says she achieved honor roll by staying focused and studying for tests. Smith also gave advice on how to handle honors classes.

“Get all (your) work done, and study because tests (are) a big part of (your) grade,” she said.

Assistant Principal Jones announced she was proud of every single student who was given a award at the end of the assembly.

Students who didn’t make honor roll or perfect attendance this time were also able to attend the assembly. This gave those students the opportunity to see what they can work towards during this nine weeks.

Octavia Jackson, a sophomore with a 3.3 GPA,  says students should work hard, try to the best of their ability, and when absent, go the next day to collect any make up work.

”I had to go to class, (but) if I missed a day I (would have) to go to my teachers to get (make up) work,” Jackson said.

She excitedly shouted, “(if you) stay focused you can do it!”

Azora Smith, also a sophomore with a 3.9 GPA agreed with Jackson adding a little bit of advice herself.

“Stay on task even when you’re late go in and get to work,” she said.