KHS Band Scholarship and Interview

Izzy Calix, Managing Editor

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Three students in the Musical Storm Marching Band traveled to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff earlier this month and returned with scholarship offers.

Eric Vaughn and K’von Miller received percussion scholarships in the amount of $16,668, and Will Adams received the highest offer of a full tuition scholarship in the amount of $33,336.

“It meant a lot,” Vaughn said.”I never [saw] myself getting a scholarship in life, so pushing myself to that limit in order to get that is a big accomplishment to me.”

All three credit Mr. Clay, the band director, with playing a major role in their successes and earning the scholarships. Vaughn said that if it wasn’t for Mr. Clay, he wouldn’t have even though about getting a scholarship.

Adams said without the program, his scholarship would not have been possible.

“I came here for my freshman year back in 2015, I didn’t know a single thing about music,” Adams said. ”Now, I’m coming out of my senior year with a full ride scholarship. 

Adams plans on majoring in Music Education at UAPB. Inspired by Mr. Clay, Adams plans to teach and motivate future generations with music. He also hopes to be a positive role model.

Miller said he’s most looking forward to a new start outside of Memphis. He said he’s looking forward to attending a university where he’ll be able to explore more of the world.

“I’ve always heard that college is where you start your new life,” Miller said.

All three are looking forward to attending college upon graduating in the spring. 

Adams wanted to provide some advice to other students whether pursuing music or another dream.

“If you’re ever nervous or afraid, I’d say go for it,” he said. “Even if you do mess up, just figure out what you can to learn and improve.”