The Flying Falcon and KHSLive! are the divisions of Kingsbury High School’s student media program.

This program gives students the opportunity to participate in active journalism by reporting on events and issues that affect Kingsbury. Staff members cultivate story ideas, investigate, interview, and report the issues. The program is open to current Kingsbury students who are in grades 9-12.

The Flying Falcon is the newspaper arm of the program, and KHSLive! serves as the broadcast division.

The Flying Falcon’s mission is to uphold the First Amendment right to a free press, to seek truth and report it, and to always be honest in the investigation process.

Through the program, students have the opportunity to interview school administrators, teachers, fellow students, and community members.

For news tips, profile features or to gain additional information about the program, please contact Ms. Malorie Paine, Student Media Adviser, at [email protected]